Comparisonitis is a nasty thing that can sometimes seem impossible to avoid. Its effect will slowly creep up on you, and its symptoms may occur when it’s too late to prevent.


When comparisonitis rears its ugly head, you better tread lightly because you do not want to be caught up in its wrath.


Comparisonitis’ main objective is to create a sense of lack, and a desire for more. And after a bout of comparisonitis, you will be left feeling inadequate, worthless, and dejected. 


It is the killer of self-worth, and if not careful, comparisonitis can suck the happiness right out of you.





Personally, I find that when comparisonitis hits, it always causes me to want bigger, and better things. It enhances my inadequacies and deficiencies, making me feel unappreciative and unhappy with my life.


Comparisonitis makes me focus all of my attention on what I don’t have, pulling an invisible sheet over my life’s blessings. 


When I see someone take an amazing trip, I wish I was there with them


When I see someone with a cute outfit, I wish I had a more stylish wardrobe


When I see someone with toned abs, I wish I could have her body


When I see someone out having fun, I wish my life was more exciting.


It is during these instances that I focus on what’s missing in my life, forgetting what I do have. It leaves a feeling of not being good enough and feeling like I am somehow less than for not having a certain attribute that someone else has.





But what exactly is comparisonitis?


Comparisonitis is an impulsive act of comparing oneself to another, leading to feeling inadequate and unworthy. At its core, it is the act of following an artificial social construct and comparing yourself to an unattainable ideal. It’s about looking at what someone else has, and believing you should have it as well.


Closely tied to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), comparisonitis creates a feeling that you are missing something and believing that having that something will allow you to feel more fulfilled and happy.


However, when participating in comparisonitis’ games, you are essentially measuring your happiness against others. Your happiness becomes a moving target, and you become paralyzed in chasing other people’s ideas. 


If you continuously feed into the hunger of comparisonitis, you will only be feeding into an endless cycle of despair.


There will always be something missing, and something that you don’t have. So if you continue to compare yourself to others, you will continue to chase your tail and miss out on a chance to be happy and fulfilled.










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