It can be a struggle to develop a fitness routine. I used to attempt to do a 30-day challenge or stick to a fitness regimen but I never was able to completely say with it. I would give it a try for a few days, but then get bored and give up.

I initially thought that 30 days wasn’t too much of a commitment. I could do a workout every day for 30 days, right? 

The thing was, I could not stick with it!

Every time I gave up, I thought I was a failure. I thought I couldn’t be consistent or couldn’t develop an exercise habit. And, I told myself that I just hated exercise.

But then I thought about the workouts that I did stick to. For years I had consistently gone to weight lifting classes. I didn’t go every day and there had been weeks where I had ‘fallen off the wagon’, but I always went back to them – it became an exercise routine that I actually enjoyed!

And just recently I completed a 6-week workout challenge – something that would have seemed impossible in the past!


How to Create a Fitness Routine That You'll Actually Enjoy


How to Create a Fitness Routine That You’ll Actually Enjoy

Reflecting on why I was able to stick to the workout classes, and why my workout challenges always led to feelings of failure, I realized what was needed to create an enjoyable and consistent fitness routine.

In order to create a fitness routine that you’ll actually enjoy, you need to follow the 3 main principles:

  • Find an exercise that you like doing
  • Workout for the right reasons
  • Make exercise fun


Find an Exercise That You Like Doing

This might seem like common sense but how often do you put yourself through torture just because your friend has told you that you need to do a certain exercise program? Or how often do you ‘force’ yourself to try to stick to a workout challenge even though you absolutely hate it?

If there is one thing that has kept me motivated to workout, it’s this: I only do workouts that I enjoy.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not open to trying different styles of exercise, but I know that I need to enjoy my workouts if I hope to make them a habit.

For myself, I’m currently on an aaptiv running craze. I love my aaptiv runs because it involves intervals and mixing it up. But if you ask me to replace my interval runs with non-intervals, then I probably wouldn’t stick with it (because I don’t enjoy it). I used to hate running, and it wasn’t until I found a running method that made me feel like running was a dance party (rather than a chore) that it became a part of my exercise routine!

Want to create a long-lasting fitness routine – find workouts that you enjoy doing!


Workout for The Right Reasons

I used to think that if I wanted to lose weight badly enough, then that would be enough motivation for me to want to workout. But the thing that I realized was that the extra flab and weight I wanted to lose made no difference in keeping up with my fitness routine.

When your exercise comes from a place of hate, you’re more likely to view exercise as a punishment. But when you exercise from a place of love, you’re more likely to view exercise as a reward.

And can you guess which type of exercise you’d be more likely to stick to?



I no longer workout to lose weight. I workout because I enjoy it. I workout because I love the ‘high’ I feel when I’m finished. I workout because it makes me feel accomplished, confident, and more clear-headed. I workout because of the positives, not the negatives – and this is why I’m able to stick with fitness.


Make Exercise Fun

If you ain’t having fun, what’s the point in doing it?

Make exercise a game! Compete with yourself, and see how many reps you can do, or how many extra minutes you can run for. When you make exercise a game, it makes exercise more enjoyable and helps remove the pressure.

One sure way to make exercise fun is to make it a dance party! Blast your favorite tunes and bust some moves. Make a workout playlist, and just have fun with it!


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